The Girl Behind the Camera

Photo Apr 11, 11 36 01 AM.jpg

Emily with her two beautiful daughters, Lydia & Violet!


Have you always wondered who was behind all of those beautiful shots we take for Ivory Thread when we get new merchandise in? Well, its local photographer (who also happens to be my lovely sister-in-law) and master craft creator, Emily Harland! You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages! Follow her @emilyharlandphotography! She also has an adorable Etsy Shop page called "House of Harland" where she makes the most adorable bows! Go check it out! 

Before becoming the official photographer for Ivory Thread, you could find Emily shooting weddings, newborns, lifestyle/family pictures and more! Emily has an eye for capturing the perfect shot. She is also so creative in choosing locations to capture picture perfect settings. There was no hesitation when I started this biz and decided who I wanted taking the pictures. She just nails it, every time. 

See some of her other work below and go check out her social media pages! You won't be disappointed when you hire her for your next photography sesh!