Nirvana & Clueless had a baby!

And it's now the current fashion trend! Really! If you can imagine a tiny floral patterned baby doll dress with a yellow plaid flannel tied at the waist and finished off with a Dr Marten, you have the latest trend perfected! Go into your local Target and you will see exactly what I am talking about. You could also google the fashion shows for this year’s NYC fashion week and feel like you were taken right back to 1992!

Although we haven’t completely jumped on the 90s bandwagon in our shop, you can find some trendier pieces to incorporate into your Fall & Winter wardrobe. We have styled ours with some classic finds as you can see below. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and patterns. The new rules are that there are no rules!

Style is unique and it is personal and it is all yours to decide!

Angela Ragsdale