Not to boast (okay, I am a little bit), I have a phenomenal circle of strong, goal-oriented women who I'm honored to call my friends. I want to tell you about three who are being super brave and bold by putting themselves out in the blog world. It's a nerve racking thing putting themselves out on display for the world to read, opening up an intimate side of themselves and just laying their thoughts out there for possible judgement and/or criticism. Seriously big cahoonas if you ask me to PRESS publish! BIG kudos to these three! I hope you enjoy reading through each of their new ventures while feeling entertained and inspired as I did after reading them.


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Jessica is a wife and a mom. She has found a love for fitness after having her two sweet kiddos. Food is a passion of hers and she shows simple ways to still eat healthy while not spending a ton of time in the kitchen. Her educational background in fashion shows in her ability to spot a timeless piece of clothing, chasing the endless hunt for a good bargain, and showing how a mom of two can still be fashionable and elegantly trendy. 

I love this girls style and hope you enjoy her blog!


You guys HAVE to meet this girl! Her champagne taste matches her over-the-top self which meets deliciously her love of Italian cuisine and is wrapped up in the sweetest, "I got your back, girl!", personality who is simply, Sarah! Sarah's fashion is on point with pieces ranging from designer to trendy to timeless. When you talk to Sarah in person and read her blog, you see how transparent she is. Her directness comes out in the most comical way and listening to her describe a story or event in her life always leaves you smiling. She is so funny and fun to be around and her blog really exudes that.

And last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, my home-girl, my sister from another mister, Kaylee.

Kaylee has a blog coming out very soon and you guys are in for an eye-opening experience in all things clean living with a really fun (and funny!) twist on how she balances it all with a husband, two children and just juggling the crazy thing we call life! She already makes some of the most delicious looking meals on her Instagram Stories and makes following them so simple. Kaylee has a bohemian style and vibe that is so beautiful. Her modern meets rustic interior design skills are top notch and you'll want a personal tour into all things Kaylee after she launches her site. Stay tuned for her live date because you won't want to miss it!


As  if  you didn't already know?!!!           

As if you didn't already know?!!! 




 I'm proud to be amongst these women who I truly admire and who are fellow mama-preneurs! They all have supported Ivory Thread and I'm forever grateful to be their friend.


Women supporting other women! The future is certainly FEMALE!!!





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